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     Welcome on the JING CLINIC Guide page, this is a personal care provider site designed to help you with your medical and healthcare needs in China. 

      In fact, with the development of China, more and more people came to China, visitors, businessmen, exchange students, even immigrants and their families. More and more international medical services are needed. On the other hand, China has a wealth of medical resources; Chinese doctors are well trained, friendly, considerate and thoughtful. However, because of the language barriers, China’s large and complex medical system and the lack of popularity of medical knowledge, it is difficult for foreigners to see a doctor in the hospitals and get useful medicine in the pharmacy.

   We Focus on medical and healthcare services for Foreign nationals in China. We hard work to open the amazing scene of medical service in China and help for foreigners who need medical service but can not speaking Chinese. If you are not familiar with the way to get good and safe medical services in China, please spend some time on our page, it will help you to save your time, double your safe and beware you from rip offs.

    JING CLINIC is founded by Dr. Jing and his Friends, 6 doctors or medical-related staff from different countries and regions, providing medical services to foreigners in China. In a time of unprecedented change, we remain true to our mission: 

•    care for the sick;

•    investigate your problems;

•    give strong and sincere support. 

    We will strive to become more efficient and convenient to help you and try our best to be Your trusted personal care provider in China.

                                                                                        Jing Lerner, MD, PhD


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