JINGCLINIC is one of Asia’s largest independent medical service intermediaries. We specialize in providing medical services, insurance, education and other related personal care to foreign nationals and expatriates living and traveling in China. We have extensive knowledge of China and rich experience of working with Chinese medical staff, it means that we can be your trusted personal care provider in China. 

JINGCLINIC is an Medical Service Intermediary. This means that we will always work for you, giving you impartial and unbiased advice on which medical options are best for you - our clients are our ultimate concern, and we will never advise you to purchase a medical service which does not meet your requirements.

Helping you to feel comfortable with your policy and providing superior customer service are our main goals. Our team of experts will always take the time to understand your needs. In most cases we are able to customize a plan to meet your specific requirements, making most of the plans we offer truly unique.

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